cheers to the people who love us, and the losers who lost us.


my ex- boyfriend was a terrible human he probably wouldn’t know true love if it hit him right in the face, he would know though if it hit him right in the vein and got him high like the drugs he happens to be so in love with, to him I was really just an option. he had numerous others and although you were one of the others, and normally I should hate you and resent you but I don’t. you were my clarity in one of the darkest times of my life.

thank you for being my soul sister thank you for being my listening ear when I just needed to vent and thank you for always knowing the right words to say. we are so very similar in so many ways and you’re about the only thing I’ve taken from  my toxic relationship and ran with.


we have the same taste in terrible men, would we really know a nice guy if they were standing in front of us. probably not. wed still chase the bad boy who isn’t any good for us but love them deeply anyway. when we were growing up did we ever think we’d be the wifey’s holding it down while our boyfriends did numerous jail sentences hell NO, but do we still sign that visit log every week and write those letters that they don’t really deserve cause of course they were the ones doing the illegal activity but its obviously all our fault.

you’re my soul sister, my friend without judgement, you listen to me every time I need someone to come and remind me of all the reasons why I love that stupid boy who doesn’t deserve my love, but also why I cant be with him. you check on him for me to make sure he hasn’t overdosed on that drug that ripped our lives apart. yet we’ve never been addicted to it.


“don’t get it twisted you were just another nigga on the hit list trying to fix your inner issues with a bad bitch.”

those silly boys who broke our hearts and tore our lives apart, should know by now that they made us the strong independent, slightly psychotic girls we’ve become today and they can only thank themselves every time we hit them with the do not disturb or ignore their messages, don’t answer when they call us drunk at 2am its surely not because we don’t love and care about them its because they never cared about us.

so lets stop visiting jails and lets find some men who truly deserve us because just think if wed do all the things we’ve done for the wrong guys over the years, the guy who actually deserves us is gonna be so lucky to have us, almost as lucky as I am to have you Rachael.


thanks for loving SHOX as much as I do and always being willing to actually threaten to run me over with a train when I talk about taking a romantic walk on the train tracks. you are the real MVP.

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