Every Girl needs a Baby Fresh.

I don’t know why we became friends or really when I stopped hating you, but I am thankful I did. You are always there when I call, and always there when I fall. You are my protector, my better half, my partner in crime, my drinking partner, my sister from another mister, the only girl who loves whiskey as much as me, your my late night phone call when I am making questionable decisions.


You are my judgement free zone. The person I turn to for absolutely everything big or small, and that means more to me than you’ll ever know. I don’t know how long I’d actually be able to go without telling you my exact step by step life thought process, or have you to help analyze every text message I get from whichever flavor of the week I am talking to even though it won’t be important again in another week. ON TO THE NEXT ONE.


My favorite nights with you are the ones where we drank too much wine, or margaritas, end up at club houses (questionable but hilarious decision), and then go home and bitch about everyone we don’t like that we had to see. We tend to laugh, cry,  & ugly snap chat every time we’re together, and by ugly snap chat I mean after way too many drinks, cause we know sober us cares what those snaps look like.


We have the best of times dancing and embarrassing ourselves in the car on our way to breakfast, because who cares who sees us and we look absolutely adorable doing it because well it’s us. We may not get to see each other every single day, but I’d like to see if we can name the last time we didn’t spend all day texting one another.


You may be my friend but you should know I look up to you, you inspire me everyday to be a better version of me. Knowing I have you, my person who will always support me throughout my life no matter what, is the best feeling I have ever had and losing you would be worse than any break up I’ve ever been through.


Through all of our laughs, the many millions of them, the inside jokes, the making fun of people we don’t like, the many murders we’ve plotted, the “get me out of here,” phone calls we’ve had to do on the regular… you have become such a vital person in my life. My dark skies are the bluest of blue because of you now.


There are friends and then there are best friends, you are my person. It is absolutely crazy that after such a short time of being friends I feel more comfortable telling you absolutely anything  and I know there’s no judgement and vice versa. It is even crazier  to me that I consider you to be my other half. We relate to each other on so many levels that sometimes I wonder if we are actually sisters separated at birth, especially since both of our tastes in men truly sucks.


You are the very first person to make me question what a soul mate is, I always thought it was the person you spent the rest of your life with but really it is the person you inevitably can’t live without, the person you share your secrets with, the first you want to tell your important news to good or bad, the person who’s seen your ugly cry face more times than you care to admit and trust me MINES ugly,  the person who always answers the phone no matter how busy they are or what they are doing because they know if you’re calling them its important, okay sometimes its not but normally it is, the person who’s always there to lend their shoulder out for you to cry on, or to help you get over that boy by making fun of his new girlfriend whether she’s pretty or not, the one who reminds you you deserve better and the one who always fills up your cup and never dumps it out, makes sure you know you’re LOVED and have their support every single day.


I want to end this by thanking you for helping me find myself again, thank you for helping me realize I am enough, reminding me to leave my past especially that boy in my past, thank you for the numerous vent sessions about anything and everything, thank you for always knowing the songs to my heart and singing them loudly with me, thanks for the random dance parties and jam sessions, thanks for the numerous black outs and even the bruises and skinned up knees because we know we had too much fun, thanks for being my partner in crime but most importantly Brittany Cates thanks for being you, I truly don’t know where I would be without your friendship and continuous love.

I hope you know I hate all your exes as much as you do and I’ll protect you until the end of time, even if it means fighting a man MUCH bigger than me. I got you. I love you always Baby Fresh.



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