why we crave “fixing,” people.

"a girl once told me to be careful trying to fix broken people, for you may cut yourself on the shattered pieces." Love is complicated, it has the ability to not only come in and take over your heart but your mind too. Loving someone isn't suppose to be easy, it is hard work but it's... Continue Reading →

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year one.

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." I remember the day my life changed just like it was yesterday I remember the phone call where the lady on the other end said if you can get packed and to Portland, Maine in the next three hours we... Continue Reading →


"there is nothing more painful than mourning the loss of someone you love who is very much still alive." I read the stuff you posted about drug addicts, continuously using my least favorite word "junkie," to describe a person a lot like my loved one who has been struggling with his addiction for years now.... Continue Reading →

he’s all yours;

"If another woman steals your man there is no better revenge than letting her keep him, Real Men can't be stolen." I always swore watching friend after friend get cheated on that if I was ever cheated on I'd run my significant other over and his mistress too, but ultimately I never thought that I... Continue Reading →

Chess & Checkers;

"Brit, take a picture of me right now, so I can post it all over social media, so he can see it, know I am out and get jealous." We all do it, and my friends and I are far from innocent, I'd truthfully be lying if I hadn't accidentally on purpose sent a picture... Continue Reading →

Every Girl needs a Baby Fresh.

I don't know why we became friends or really when I stopped hating you, but I am thankful I did. You are always there when I call, and always there when I fall. You are my protector, my better half, my partner in crime, my drinking partner, my sister from another mister, the only girl who... Continue Reading →


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